Welcome to 4thway

Improving relationships, productivity and performance ... in personal and professional life ... for couples, families, groups, teams and organisations

4thway ... specialists in providing:

  • Relationship coaching / counselling for couples, colleagues and others.
  • Conflict resolution and mediation of issues inside and outside workplaces.
  • Coaching and mentoring leaders and their people - developing capability and maturity, inside out, head, heart, gut.
  • E.A.P. services.
  • Facilitating workshops for groups and teams, identifying issues, generating ideas, agreeing options, creating simple and practical plans, taking ownership for action.
  • Organisational development and consultancy for businesses, public sector and not-for-profit organisations.

Why we're here?

  • Helping people manage themselves, their relationships, develop their social / emotional capabilities and "function"in their lives more effectively are fundamental reasons for engaging in this work.
  • "Leaders" in families, workplaces and community groups hold so much influence and power over the day-to-day lives of others - it is a key driver to help them use it wisely and considerately.
  • Learning how to is not something we're born with or that comes without effort and attention - we learn from others and our own experiences.

In working with us, you, your partner(s), colleagues and teams gain clarity and perspective, resolve issues, stress and conflict in relationships. You develop action oriented plans, with compelling purpose, aimed at getting the right things done ... and improve your lives.

Please review 4thway's services and contact us for more information.