How I Work

About John, how he works and who he works with.

I have been working as a professional facilitator, coach and mentor, mediator and consultant for many years. I have consulted to Government, business and community sector organisations in New Zealand, Australia and further afield, and privately with many individuals.

A key interest is in working with executives, senior leaders, people managers and their teams, particularly in leadership and management development because of the huge impact that they have on culture, operational and organisational effectiveness. Another is in working with men in particular, as social norms have so many men trapped in a world of unfulfilled potential, under performance and living a life that is 'less than'. Developing beyond the deficit in contribution that this brings is critical to realising a positive and stable collective future for our families and communities, local and global.

Prior to working in this field, I worked for both public and private sector organisations. Roles have involved scientific research and development, secondary school teaching and management, sales management, business management, organisational development, company partnership and strategic business development.

Some current orgainsations I work with include ACC, DOC and A.G.E. I have a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Lincoln University), Diploma of Teaching (Auckland University), and a Diploma of Facilitation and Coaching (Zenergy Global).

Over the years I have worked for other consultancies' clients as part of project teams. I have also led and co-led the training of facilitators and coaches through Zenergy's Diploma of Facilitation for several years.

In my experience, facilitative and strengths-based approaches and processes create the most useful outcomes from individuals, groups and teams. Facilitation is a key means to establishing and building collaborative environments in teams, which in turn lead to the most productive outcomes. They are key practises of effective leaders, managers and contributors in and outside of the workplace - which is why I prefer to use and specialise in these approaches.

Currently I work with a select group of experienced colleagues who can assist you depending on your needs and the nature of your projects. They have similar approaches and at the same time, wide, varied and valuable backgrounds and expertise. They can help in areas such as:

  • Personal effectiveness
  • General HR services
  • Recruitment and talent management
  • Cross-cultural effectiveness
  • Board, governance and directorship
  • Strategy, capital and investment
  • Strategic marketing, brand development and alignment

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